Flyer-Carry Enabled XP Multiplier x5
Taming Speed x3 Harvest Amount x6
Custom Level Engrams max 5008





Server Rules

  • Don't wipe out a base when you're in a Tribe War or raid a base
  • Per base is allowed to build one small building outside the base (like a outpost, for gathering), the same goes for when a tribe has 1 base.
  • Don't steel from other Players
  • Be friendly to other players
  • No racism and harassment
  • Mass building foundations all over the place to de-spawn resources is counted as griefing the server.
  • Don't go uninvited in other bases or houses
  • No offline base raiding
  • No passage/cave blocking.
  • No resource blocking.
  • No griefing.
  • Your base shouldn't be placed in close proximity to others - allow others to grow.
  • Please speak only English